10 Reasons to drink aloe vera juice or aloe vera

1. The juice of aloe vera prevents constipation . Helps bowel mobility and this in turn makes regularly go to the bathroom and fight or prevent constipation. If we do not go to the bathroom regularly can be harmful to the colon and aloe vera, with its mild laxative effect helps you move stool until…

What is aloe vera?

Here is the explain about aloe vera .
What is aloe vera ?
Why used aloe vera ?
How to used aloe vera?

Aloe vera juice benefits for weight loss and constipation

Otherwise known as the plant of immortality, Aloe vera has traditionally been used as a topical agent for healing wounds effectively, especially in conditions of burns and psoriasis. At present, the recognized usage of this plant are in huge proportions. It is used as active ingredient in gels, lotions, capsules, sunscreens and shampoos. The extracts…