How to grow aloe vera

How to grow aloe vera

Growing an aloe vera plant at home

How to grow aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant that grows quite easily. If you want to plant it outside attention must be paid var this plant does not support too low temperatures. This is why it is best to grow your aloe vera plant in the house because in addition it requires very little maintenance and allows for its gel available all year.It is a plant that you will easily find in large retail garden center but also in your neighborhood florist.

Maintain its aloe vera

To repot your aloe vera in a much larger pot than the current, it will put it in a pot corresponding to the size of the foot of aloe vera for the plant remains stable. But the pot should be wide enough to dispose at the bottom of the latter gravel, pieces of tile or brick in order to provide a drainage appreciated that the plant. How to grow aloe vera

Place the plant in the pot and add potting soil that you buy in a garden and preferably a ground for cactus. Finally have your plant in a sunny spot in your home but making sure not to expose the solar radius. Aloe vera is a southern plant (cactus) it does not need too frequent watering once a week is enough. To keep your plant naturally and especially to be able to consume it is best to avoid fertilizers.
Keep an eye on your plant, it deserves a repotting every 2 or 3 years because aloe vera grows quite easily.

Growing aloe vera

The aloe vera thrives and reproduces very easily. You can watch the shoots next to the mother plant and once these have reached about 15cm sprouts you can replant them to create new aloe vera plants.Aloe vera comes in different types, we must opt for the good and we recommend you take aloe arborescens that grows faster and can reach a large, aloe aristata , or aloe saponaria



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