Aloe vera helps to heal

The Egyptians called the plant of immortality, we must say that aloe vera has always appreciated for its benefits was whether to treat sunburn, minor burns or wounds.The plant of immortality because it would have the power to facilitate tissue regeneration …

Aloe vera and its virtues on the skin

The use of aloe vera gel on the skin dates back to the dawn of time and must consider its membership to better understand why it is so effective. Polysaccharides immunostimulants, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E, lectins, amino acids in large numbers, antibradykinine glycoproteins, mannose-6 phosphate healing, etc … a real cocktail of nutrients and minerals.

This is what will allow aloe vera to bring this facility to the skin to regenerate, some enzymes of aloe vera removing dead cells and making a clean sweep allowing a better oxygenation and tissue perfusion.

The aloe vera helps therefore to scarring of tissue and regular application of aloe vera gel may help that the scar is less showy.

Note however that aloe vera should not be placed on deep and festering wounds, but just type and healing aloe vera on the internet to discover a surprising number of before and after photographs showing the result of the effect of aloe vera for healing .


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